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An Insight Into Shri. Shaktidarshan Yogashram


All meditators cannot go to the Himalayas for higher sadhana. Hence by selecting similar silent peaceful environments for meditation, with the help of Dhyana-bandhus Guruji established “Shri Shaktidarshan Yogashram in Talipadi of Kinnigoli. It is in the process of growing into a vast organization. Sadhvi Malathi Amma, now staying in Yoganagar is a big support for meditators. The fact that, here comes Paramapujya Devarah Hans Baba who is a link in the chain of Guruparampara of Himalayas, indicates that this Ashram as well as its activities are inspired by some divine power of that order. Words are insufficient to extol the knowledge of meditation and abundance of love given by Pujya Guruji who is instrumental in bringing such a divine flow to us. Let this meditation dynasty which silently serves the society, grow in leaps and bounds.

The  town of Mulki is the midpoint between Mangalore and Udupi in NH -17. From there 8 Kms in the East, or while coming from Mudubidre to Mulki a village called Kinnigoli is there. From there, 3 Kms to Elathur temple, the serene environment beckons you. This is a spot away from the din and buzzle of town. Shri Shaktidarshan Yogashram is in this locality. Mind gets floated while seeing the Ashram building from a distance itself.

External Activities Of Ashram

Majority of programmes are conducted in Ashram itself. Sometimes depending upon the requests from distant places, one day camp and five day camps are conducted outside. We have conducted such camps in Bangalore. Belgaum Jail. Tapovana in Dharwar, Mumbai, Calicut, Bangalore and various places of D.K., Udupi and Kasaragod Districts. Wherever these camps are done, Satsangas are formed where many Dhyana bandhus meet once a week to meditate. Now more than 60 satsangas are there and they have become the spinal chord of the Ashram. During October and summer holidays we conduct one day meditation courses for children. If Satsangas wish, after getting permission from Guruji, they can organize five days ‘Atma Vidya course’. In such cases the expenses in connection with the course are to be borne by the Satsanga and the course will be for only the members of that Satsang.

Courses At Ashram


Please contact ashram for schedule and further information.

Course Name Duration
Kundalini Beeja Mantra Dhyana 3 days
Kriya yoga 5 days
Mounadhyana 1st Monday to 1st Friday every month
Antaryatra Shibira 1 day
Parivartana Shibira 1 and 3 months
Atma vidya shibira 5 days
Brahma vidya shibira 10 days
Children’s Camp 3 to 5 days (Conducted during summer holidays- according to age group)

Regular Monthly Programs

Schedule Name Of Course Timings
1st Sunday ‘Satchintana’ – from selected satsanga 9.30 am to 3.30 pm
2nd and 4th              Saturday and Sunday ‘Kriya yoga’ Punahchetana 7.30 am to 1.00 pm
3rd Sunday ‘Kundalini beeja mantra dhyana’ punahchetana 9.00 am to 3.30 pm
Every Saturday ‘Kriya yoga’ 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm
June & July ‘BrahmaVidya shibir’ conducted for ladies and gentlemen    separately
November/December ‘Atma vidya shibir’ ( English/local languages)
Everyday Meditation Session with Parama Pujya Guruji 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
3rd and 4th           Monday Consultation with Pujya Guruji

For further details, contact ashram at +918242295100

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