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Yoganidra is an experience in which a state of bodyless-ness  and thoughtlessness is attained through deep observation of self. The audio clip of the instructions that will guide you through the whole meditation is available for download for free below.


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By  practicing Yoganidra, one can easily attain Samadhi. People practising yoganidra can reduce stress, tension and  eliminate  negative thoughts. It is also a way to spiritual progress. This deep relaxation  technique based on Patanjali Mahirshi’s Astanga Yoga, the detailed relaxation technique  touches all 5 bodies and 7 chakras.The audio features the wholesome journey for a duration of 25 mintues with the guidance of  Guruji himself.

Ashram has released this through the  website to help meditators. This is a free download. However to have  it, you may choose to help the ashram with donations. You may please donate Rs.200 or US $5 or more on  download.



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